28. February 2022 patch notes

28. February 2022 patch notes

We introduced a minor software update on the 28. of February. The patch includes completing our language upgrade for user-defined fields and minor bug fixes and improvements. Our language system is now fully implemented in all the user-defined fields. You will encounter the new language system in the software settings and when adding new events and consequences.

Language in user-defined fields

Diri contains several pre-defined choices in, for example, adverse events, threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences. Previously, these items were bound to only one language, but our new update solves this problem. If you, for example, introduce a new item to the events list, you will be asked to provide an event name and a brief English description. The event name will be in your chosen language. Users having a different language setting will see the offered English description such that they can interpret the meaning. Choosing to add a new item in Diri now opens this window:

Fields for naming and describing new items in Diri.

In the above example, the user has an English language setting and is asked for an English name and description. Diri is only available in English and Norwegian at the moment, but we will add more languages as we progress. However, for users with a non-english language setting, the prompt looks like this (Norwegian example):

Norwegian event name on the top and English description at the bottom for non-norwegian users.

In the above example,  other users choosing English as their system language will see the English description of the event instead of the original Norwegian name. You can choose to retain the English description as the event name or you can provide new English event name:

Example overview of events for an administrator, warning sign indicates that no "official" translation exists.

We find the Unintended data disclosure example at the bottom of the above list. The warning signs mean that an English description exists but not an "official" translation. We can choose to add our official translation by clicking the box and filling out the name field. This action will remove the warning sign by adding the complete translation to Diri.

Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • Default language for new users is now English
  • Fixed bug that caused the Risk matrix on the dashboard to crash.
  • Improved language in the Asset evaluation-process to become more generic: System -> risk assessment
  • Improved language in settings: Accessibility -> Availability
  • The treatment list shows unaccessible when connected risk assessments to a treatment cannot be accessed by a user.
  • Editing a treatment no longer showing empty risk assessments (risk assessments the user does not have access to).
  • If an asset is in use in bowtie, we have disabled the possibility to delete it
  • Added tooltip when hovering disabled delete button in system assets
  • A threat deleted in settings will not be deleted from a risk assessment if it is used in a cause