Mid May 2023 Minor Change notification

Mid May 2023 Minor Change notification

We are happy to announce that we successfully launched a minor application update on the 16th of May. The change included one new feature, several bug fixes, and other improvements.
Moving forward, our goal is to continue improving quality aspects of the application, and among other things complete the "Add risks from template" feature. We will start working with the application speed again by improving the RBAC in the next sprints. User feedback, bugs, and feature requests are very much appreciated.

Transference of rights and ownership between users

You can transfer the rights and ownerships of objects from one user to another. For example, if a user is changing positions or jobs, this feature is quite handy. You can access the rights transfer function via the Users menu and the delete button as illustrated in the following video:

Bug fixes and other improvements

The following items have been fixed and improved in the new release:
  • Improved the API by adding more fields for GET and POST (system owner, system responsible, etc.)
  • Password reset improvements changed text to password should at least be 12 characters long and made it red.
  • Step 2 - Asset Evaluation - Fixed language issue regarding data processing agreements.
  • Step 4 - Risk treatment plan - Set default step in the risk matrix to "Planned" for the cost benefit analysis.
  • Step 5 - Complete and Confirm - Fixed date formating issue when signing the plan and the NaN.NaN.NaN issue.
  • Fixed bug in summary of risk assessment for print for displaying database reference instead of name.
  • Fixed bug in Organizational risk assessment displaying database reference instead of name.
  • Fixed bug in the Organizational risk assessment creation losing the event category.
  • Improved "Latest events" log to include transfer actions.