Report printout improvement [Fixed in new version 07.04.22]

Report printout improvement [Fixed in new version 07.04.22]

Several of our users have reported that the printout is not detailed enough. Here are the feedbacks thus far:

"With the current solution for "Summary of risk assessment for printing", the level of detail in the action plan is somewhat low; it does not include Description, Type, Class or Link to documentation. Is it possible to make an export in readable format where this is included? I need to share a dated version of the summary as a PDF."

"When the report is generated, it would be useful if the details in the treatment list also were included by default, and  that you instead could hide them by clicking on compress if you wanted to retain the current view."

"When describin an event, you can add a description of the event, but none of this is included in the final printout. Is it possible, for example,  that one could have been given a choice to add these event descriptions at the bottom of the printout? Because the event categories are not self-explanatory to a new report reader. "

"We are adding descriptions to most of the things we are registering, but it is left out of the print"

To summarize, we should add:
  1. Ability to choose more freely on what to include in the printout. 
  2. Descriptions should be optional everywhere possible.
  3. More comprehensive treatment cards, including descriptions, class, type, and documentation reference.          
Feel free to comment below if you have any additions we should consider.