Add risks from template

Add risks from template

Create a set of baseline risks for all assessments

Currently, the beta version of this functionality in production only allows for copying the template to one risk assessment at a time.
The functionality does not copy risk treatments to prevent the treatment overview being clogged with multiple copies of the same object.

This feature allows you to add "standard risks" to risk assessment objects in the database. As a risk manager, you may have a set of baseline risks that you need to assess for each object. With the new functionality, you can select multiple objects and quickly copy the baseline risks to them from a template. As an example use case, an admin with multiple ICT systems can delegate the assessment of a standard set of baseline risks to system owners by using the copied template. To use this feature, simply mark an existing risk assessment as a template, and then select the objects you want to copy the risks to using multiselect.

Gaute explains the new Diri feature that lets you add standard risks to objects in the database that require risk assessment. The demo shows the beta version of the functionality and we will add bulk copying and a solution for the treatments in the next version.

What does this functionality do?

The "Add risks from template" functionality copies risks (causes, events, and consequences) from an existing risk assessment to another risk assessment in your portofolio. The functionality lets you populate empty risk assessments quickly and efficiently.

Marking a risk assessment as a template

For the risk assessment you want to use as a template:
  1. Open the risk assessment dashboard.
  2. Open the "Ownership" option in the top right menu.
  3. Check the "Mark a template" button as illustrated below

The "Mark as template" button is available in the "Ownership" menu in the risk assessment dashboard

Using a template to copy

Once you have marked a risk assessment as a template you can copy risks from it to exsisting objects in the risk assessment overview. The way to do that is to:
  1. Go to the Risk assessment overview
  2. Mark the risk assessment you wish to copy your risks to. This action will light up the "Add risks from template" button.
  3. Click the "Add risks from template" button. This will open a menu of existing templates to choose from (illustrated below).
  4. Click the template you wish to copy from.

The menu for selecting a risk assessment to copy risks from

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