Diri Roadmap

March-May 2022 Diri Release and roadmap

Planned release date

May 2022

Planned changes

The May 2022 upgrade will include:
  1. New Access Control Mechanisms and role descriptions
  2. Improved cloud hosting, scalability and automation
  3. Change of Pricing model and webpage
  4. Minor changes and bug fixes

New Access Control Mechanisms

The current version of Diri has a very simple approach to access control. Everything in Diri is built hierarchically and has two primary roles being admin and user. A user only sees his own risk assessments and those shared with him. An admin sees the work of his own organisation and downwards. A risk assessment can be marked as private to ensure confidentiality. This approach is a bit too simple and we are building new access control mechanisms for the software. Our main goal for March and April 2022 is to develop role-based access control for Diri. Below are some sketches of the concepts we are implementing:

Improved object access control with read/write per user.

Generic sharing settings for risk assessment with possibilities for sharing internally in the organisation or publication of the assessment.

Create your own roles with tailored authorizations.

A note here is that these sketches are concepts, while the functionality is accurately described, the visual implementation will be slightly different. This improvement will allow for different roles, such as read only roles for auditors and management, and will help improve both the integrity and confidentiality of data in Diri.

Automation and Scalability

We are currently co-operating with Crayon and Microsoft to enhance the scalability and automation of the cloud-infrastructure. Currently, there is a lot of manual labour involved in creating a new cloud instance of the Diri application in Azure-Kubernetes (AKS). We are automating the creation of new instances with infrastructure as code. Furthermore, this project gives us the opportuinty to explore on-premise hosting for customers not wanting to use our cloud-based solution. 

Pricing model and webpage

The pricing model will remain the same for existing customers, but change for new customers. We will move away from pricing based on company size towards a volume-based model to allow for scaling.Our webpage www.diri.ai is currently beeing updated and translated into English. Both our new webpage, pricing model, new access control, and automation is moving towards a Diri click-and-buy webshop.

Minor changes and updates

Our major projects outlined above are the priority for this period, however, we are continuously working on minor improvements and bug fixes. Some minor features we are working on and hoping be able to include in the april update are:
  1. Report print improvement  (https://hjelp.diri.no/portal/en/community/topic/report-printout-improvement)
  2. Code and infrastructure improvement for application speed (https://hjelp.diri.no/portal/en/community/topic/software-slowness-in-the-main-dashboard)
  3. API extension with broader possibilities for data in and out
  4. Improve audit logs and archiving
  5. Signing and archiving risk assessment objects for progress tracking
  6. New dashboard cards. Please make suggestions if you have any :)