Published Risk Assessments

Published Risk Assessments

Diri AS have made risk assessment templates for copying to ease your way into cyber risk management. The templates are available through the "Published Assessments"-feature on the risk assessment overview. The library will contain templates for standard overall risk assessments, suggestions for risk assessing generic cloud applications, and system-specific assessments.

Accessing the risk assessment repository and copying a template

The option for "Published Assessments" available through in the Risk assessments menu.

Access the risk assessment you wish to re-use through the risk assessment overview by clicking the "Published Assessments" button. This will list all the assessments that are currently marked as visible in click copy.

User can also choose to share their own risk assessments with other users in the Diri application.

What does "Published" mean?

A published assessment has been made available in the Diri cloud instance where it resides. The risk assessment then becomes visible to all users in that particular instance of the Diri application.

How to publish a risk assessment?

If you wish to publish a risk assessment we recommend to create an anonymized copy of the object you wish to share. Use the copy anonymization features to make sure not to include any sensitive data about your organisation.

You can find the option on the risk assessment dashboard via the "Ownership" button. A published risk assessment has the following settings:

Ownership settings for a published risk assessment

Note that these settings only allow for read and copy rights. In the risk assessment overview, setting a risk assessment as available to the public will move it from your "All" risk assessments to the "Published Assessment" group.

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