The Risk Registry

The Risk Registry

What is the Risk registry?

The Risk Register is a listing of all the risks that your users can see in the Diri application. The risks are ranked according to severity and allows the user to search using the filtering function.

Variables in the risk registry

A risk in Diri is one "route" through the risk assessment from cause to event to consequence. The risks are sorted accordingly:
  1. Risk - Is a sorting of the risks according to severity. The severity is calculated from the current probability and consequence. The risks are assigned a score which corresponds to the colors in the risk matrix from "Very high - Red", "High - Orange", "Medium - Yellow", and "Low - Green".
  2. Risk assessment type - Corresponds to the risk assessment types in Diri.
  3. Risk assessment - Shows the name of risk assessment where the risk originates.
  4. Read about the risk assessment variables in the list (Cause, Event, Conseequence, Threats, Assets).
  5. Responsible - Lists the risk assessment owner.

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