Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments


The purpose of the "Risk Assessments" menu option is to provide an overview of existing risk assessments and a simple way into creating new risk assessments. The listing shows the risk assessments that your user has access to. The overview provides an insight into the following data about each risk assessment:
  1. Name
  2. Type: IT system, Overall risk assessment, or Problem assessment
  3. Organisational unit where the assessment is located
  4. Owner of the risk assessment
  5. Operational status within the software lifecycle
  6. Risk assessment status in the process flow
  7. Created time-stamp
Diri risk assessment overview

Possible actions from the risk assessment overview

There are several actions that you can take from this window.
  1. Click on an existing risk assessment to access the object.

  2. Sort your risk assessment objects by clicking on the funnel icon.

    Sorting options in Diri accessed via the funnel icon illustrated in the top right corner

  3. Create a new risk assessment by clicking the "New risk assessment" button on the top left or accessing the Diri-helper at the bottom right.

    New risk assessment options (03-2022)

  4. Click the "Show private risk assessments" button on the top right to list hidden objects. You can request access to these objects.

    Request access to a private / confidential system.

  5. Import/Export your IT systems portofolio using Excel spreadsheets.

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