What is the Tasks function?

Tasks is a function for creating, delegating, and tracking tasks in Diri. A task is distinct from a treatment as the former is created in using the tasks option, and the latter is created as a part of the risk assessment process.

When to use Tasks

Use tasks to manage your security processes by creating and assigning responsibility for conducting tasks such as risk assessment, filling out a survey, or other related activities.

How to use Tasks


The tasks function is available to all users in the main menu. Clicking the "Tasks" option will open the dashboard:
The Tasks dashboard (03-2023).

The dashboard contains four tiles:
  1. My tasks - Containing tasks assigned to me by myself or others. The card contains information about the task, status, priority, and deadline.
  2. Assigned tasks - Contains information about the tasks that my user have assigned to other Diri users.
  3. Closed tasks - provides an overview of the completed tasks.
  4. Treatment burndown - Tracks the progression of tasks going from open to in progress to closed.

Task management

Clicking "Create new task" at the top of the dashboard screen will open the following window:

Task creator tool

Start with naming and describing the task.
  1. Set the task priority by assigning a status from a standard very low to very high subjective scale.
  2. Clicking the "Due by option" will open a calendar where you can choose date and time for task completion.
  3. Clicking "Assign to" opens a dropdown menu with the available users that you can choose from.
  4. Attachments allows you to attach a specific object from Diri to the task. The available tasks are "Survey" and "Risk Assessments". Choosing either option opens the "Select item" dropdown menu. Clicking the select item will list all available objects that can be added to the task. Make sure that the user has access to the attachment and remember to confirm by clicking "Add attachment". See the below example.

A completed task description with an attachment.

The task responsible will receive an email notification from Diri that a task has been delegated to him. He can log into Diri and click tasks to track them. An overview of my tasks are also available through the main dashboard Diri helper:

Your tasks is also available through the Diri helper.

Update tasks by clicking on them and editing.

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